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Saralta Platform
    Web applications in 2 easy steps:
  • 1) Create Page(s): Using our interactive designer, drag and drop components, define their behaviors and, a fully functional Page is READY! Platform creates the data layer, APIs and User Interface.
  • 2) Flow(s): Drag and drop Page(s) to create a flow.

    • * Platform Registration, Sign-up and Login flow was created using Saralta platform in ~6 hrs.

    Who can use the platform:
    No Software Development ExperienceSoftware Engineer (Beginner)Software Engineer (Experienced)
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Saralta is on a mission to Simplify complexity, making it intuitive and easy. We strive to remove unnecessary elements, clarify messaging and create seamless experiences that delight users and improve their lives.

We are here to help, guide you or build your project for you in 50% of the time.

    ItemsComing Soon
    Integrated documentation and Help Content
    Export (Software code generation based on your configurations)
    Integrated Quality Automation